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The purpose of the ICNSP program is to highlight advances in computational plasma physics, plasma theory, and numerical methods for plasma simulations.

The US-Japan Workshop aims to focus on the future prospect of simulation science as a new methodology of science.

The conference and workshop will be hosted by The University of Texas Institute for Fusion Studies in Austin, Texas. The US-Japan Workshop will meet October 8-9, 2007. The ICNSP will meet October 10-12, 2007. These meetings have been an important forum for communication of new ideas in numerical methods, algorithm development, parallel processing and programming techniques.


Plasma simulations

* Space and astrophysical plasmas
* Magnetic and inertial fusion plasmas
* Intense laser interaction with plasma
* Beam and accelerator physics
* Plasma processing, low temperature, dusty and nano-plasma
* Plasma-surface interactions
* Various plasma-based devices

Numerical methods for plasma simulations

* MHD, other fluid methods for plasma
* Kinetic plasma methods - PIC and Vlasov
* Hybrid methods, including PIC-DSMC
* Gyro-kinetic and gyro-fluid methods
* Grid-free methods and molecular dynamics
* High-order, adaptive and multi-scale methods
* Scientific visualization for numerical simulation

Plasma Theory

* kinetic theory and transport
* modeling statistical mechanics
* atomic and molecular processes
* macroscopic equilibrium and stability
* waves and nonlinear dynamics
* particle acceleration and transport