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The 20th International Conference on Numerical Simulation of Plasmas will meet October 10-12, immediately after the U.S. Japan Workshop on Simulation Science that will take place October 8-9, 2007. Both meetings will take place at the Renaissance Austin Hotel in Austin, Texas.

Nestled in the picturesque hills of Northwest Austin, the Renaissance Austin Hotel is the cornerstone of the Arboretum, a 95-acre park development consisting of walking and jogging paths, nature trails, restaurants, boutiques, and shops. The Renaissance Austin Hotel is opportunely located near major high-tech firms and the J.J. Pickle Research Campus, which is part of The University of Texas at Austin, home of the Texas Advanced Computing Center.

List of past ICNSP:

19th ICNSP Nara, Japan (July 2005)
18th ICNSP Falmouth, Massachusetts (September 2003)
17th ICNSP Banff, Alberta, Canada (May 2000)
16th ICNSP Santa Barbara, California (February 1998)
15th ICNSP Valley Forge, Pennsylvania (September 1994)
14th ICNSP Annapolis, Maryland (September, 1991)
13th ICNSP Santa Fe, New Mexico (September, 1989)
12th ICNSP San Francisco, California (September, 1987)
11th ICNSP Montreal, Canada (June 1985)
10th ICNSP San Diego, California (1983)
9th ICNSP Evanston, Illinois (1980)
8th ICNSP Monterey, California (1978)
7th ICNSP Courant Institute, New York (June 1975)
6th ICNSP Lawrence Berkeley Lab, California (1973)
5th ICNSP University of Iowa, Iowa (1971)
4th ICNSP Naval Research Lab, Washington DC (1970)
3rd ICNSP Stanford University, California (1969)
2nd ICNSP Los Alamos, New Mexico (1968)
1st ICNSP College of Williams and Mary, Virginia (1967)