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Program Listings

For the program of the US-Japan workshop on simulation science, click here

For the program of the 20th International Conference on the Numerical Simulation of Plasmas, click here.

Publication of invited papers:

The journal Communications in Computer Physics (CiCP, indexed by Science Citation Index, see will devote a special issue to the invited papers of ICNSP and of the US-Japan workshop on Simulation Science. This special issue will regroup invited papers presented at the conference into one conveniently accessible location for the benefit of the journal's readers and of the conference participants. Papers will be refereed in accordance with the standards applied to regular papers. A progress report is not appropriate for publication in CiCP. CiCP Associate Editor Zhihong Lin will serve as editor of the special issue.

Conference participants who wish to submit a paper for the special issue must notify Zhihong Lin by email ( on or before Sunday, October 7.  The page-limit is 25 journal pages, which is roughly equivalent to 20 pages of PPCF. The deadline for submission of the paper is October 31, 2007. The special issue is expected to appear online in February and in print in May of 2008.