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This US-Japan workshop will shed light on simulation science as a new methodology of science. The conference will have oral and poster presentations. The presentations will cover numerical simulations in the areas of space and astrophysical plasmas; magnetic and inertial fusion plasmas; intense laser interactions with plasmas; beam and accelerator physics; low-temperature plasmas, dusty plasmas, and nano-plasmas; and various plasma-based devices. The participants will discuss numerical methods for various types of simulations, such as MHD methods, other fluid methods for plasma, kinetic plasma methods (PIC and Vlasov), hybrid methods, gyro-kinetic and gyro-fluid methods, grid-free methods and molecular dynamics, high-order, adaptive and multi-scale methods, and scientific visualization for numerical simulation. This JIFT workshop on numerical simulation of complex plasmas will serve as an important forum for the communication of new ideas in algorithm development and programming techniques on homogeneous distributed-memory as well as massively multi-core systems.